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The Dragonfriend Series


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Four epic dragon tales. Over 500 5* reviews on Complex characters. Rich, immersive storytelling.

Unforgettable adventure.


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“Beautiful. Enchanting. Hilarious. Tragic. Touching. Empowering.”

Carrie Slager, The Mad Reviewer

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The Tourmaline Dragon propelled them along as if the air were a vast sheet of Helyon silk he simply slid along; not the boring action of a bulky dirigible balloon, but the sleek, streamlined flight of a supreme aerial predator.

Abruptly, Lia stretched out her arms as wide as she could reach. Throwing her head back, she began to laugh. At first, it was the staccato gasps of a pair of lungs which had forgotten how to breathe, but soon, her mirth swelled into a torrent of uninhibited, effervescent joy.

Grandion reacted as though stung. His neck twizzled around until he could stare at her with both eyes. “Are you laughing or crying?”


Grandion, Tourmaline Dragon

Dragon | Rebel to the Core | First Flight with Princess Hualiama

“Oh, you’re back,” she greeted him, showing her undersized fangs.

“Girl,” he announced, rather grandly.

“What? Did you just say ‘girl’? Aye, that’s right.”

Flicker struck a pose that displayed his gleaming scales to best advantage. He had just bathed in a waterfall. Aren’t I clever?

“Lia,” she said, tapping her chest.

“Leeeeee-ya,” he parroted back. Was this monkey-chatter supposed to convey meaning? How droll. Well, he would learn this simple speech in a few days.


Dragonet | Awesome-paws (in his humble opinion)

Hualiama and Grandion, dragon and rider

Life is but a fragment of starlight,

Given to shine for a time,

So fleeting.

Yet its glory shall touch and illume,

Eternity itself.

Hualiama of Fra’anior

Renegade Princess | Shapeshifter |  World changer

Been there, read that …

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O warrior princess, dare to ride your mighty dragon into battle! Show the world the wild, beautiful magic afire in your heart. You are a Dragon Rider. You fear nothing. You are awesome.


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“Fire flowed along her arms and hands in living rivers, turning red and blue as it passed along her blades.”