Fly into sunset skies

Imagine the unadulterated thrill of flying into the skies on a dragon’s wings. Now you can.

Enter a richly imagined world above the clouds, where dragons stand majestic upon the highest peaks; breathe magic in the air, and live the adventure of a lifetime.

Unforgettable stories. Peril. Heartache. Tales you will read breathlessly late into the night.


The Dragonfriend Series

Fill your Kindle with epic dragon adventure, treacherous villains, deep dragon lore and majestic landscapes. 




Dragonfriend book cover, epic dragon adventure



Dragonlove book cover, sweeping dragon tale


dive Deep

Dragonsoul book cover, thunderous dragon novel



Dragonstar book cover, glittering dragon epic finale


More Books Coming Soon

I have published 40 books and many are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and even Chinese! See my Amazon Author Page here.

Please bear with me as I add to this listing.